Asylum Arena

Background and History

Asylum Arena is also known as the ECW Arena is a former warehouse that is currently a multi-purpose venue used primarily for professional wrestling, boxing, and mixed martial arts events located in South Philadelphia on the corner of South Swanson Street and West Ritner Street. It also became the home and center-point of the territory of a family of Lycans around this time. The building has started to gain worldwide recognition as the home of professional wrestling promotion Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) but not without set-backs. During their first live pay-per-view event and immediately following this broadcast, a blown transistor caused the building to lose power. The general public had no idea this was due to some of the supernatural activities going on behind the scenes as the Lycans that had moved into the facility were starting to make enemies as they strove to make their neighborhood.

Updates and Notes of Interest

The venue recently began hosting regular television tapings for the Ring of Honor series Ring of Honor Wrestling that are being increasingly popular. The band of Lycans and owners continue to fight supernatural and political forces that seem bent on forcing them from both their neighborhood and venue. One recent incident involved the death of highly popular independent wrestler Matthew Lowry on-air during a live broadcast of a Combat Zone Wrestling Session at the venue where he collapsed from what was reported as a brain hemmorage suffered during the fight. The Lycans investigated and discovered Black Magic had been responsible but the damage was done. After the incident City Councilman of Philadelphia’s District 1, Mark Squilla (and president of board of Joe Hand Promotions – a company that has made multiple attempts to buy-out the Arena) recently announced his intention to “do whatever it took to have the City close the Asylum Arena and put a stop to the violence there”. Shortly after, General manager of the Arena, Roger Artigiani, announced the creation of a mixed martial arts group Asylum Fight League and sent out a call to like-minded persons from the greater Philadelphia area to come and fight at the Arena.


A real modern day arena.


Lycan Territory.


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Asylum Arena

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