Church of St Bridget

Background and History

Technically located approximately 20 miles outside of Philadelphia in the town of Glassboro New Jersey, The Church of St Bidget – named for Ireland’s second Patron Saint – has always had a strong link to the City of Brotherly Love. Founded in 1868 by Father James Daley, at least to the general public, with twenty families of Irish descent, this church has grown to a sizable parish in it’s nearly 125 year history. Presently St. Bridget Parish is a unique Parish in the Diocese having a three fold mission: it serves Glassboro area parishioners, it is the Catholic center for the Hispanic community of central Gloucester County and it also serves the students, faculty and staff of Rowan University.

Updates and Notes of Interest

The church building was moved in 1882 shortly after it’s founding ostensibly for “greater accessibility” to Church Street and narrowly avoided a train collision en route to its new site. The reasons for moving the building were directly related to the church’s supernatural mission as was the near-miss from the train. The churches of St. Bridget throughout the world that are aware of and used to support it’s supernatural mission are dwindling as the Sisterhood comes under heavier assault. The Glassboro church as been thrust to the front line out of necessity as was evidenced by the recent arrival of several Franciscan Sisters, to St. Bridget. They moved into the old convent under the guise of assisting with parish duties and to supervise the St. Bridget School program. Their Franciscan Order eventually purchased a house next to the Parish Convent for their future expansion and growth.

Stronghold for Daughters of the Flame.


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Liadan Ionait O’Ciardha (Angie Wilt)

Daughters of the flame

Church of St Bridget

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