Fort Mifflin

Background and History

It was here, on the frozen, mud island, just below the city and across the river from New Jersey’s Fort Mercer in 1775 within the walls of a stone and wood fort, the American Revolution produced a shining moment. Cold, ill and starving, the garrison of 400 men at Fort Mifflin held the mighty British Navy at bay for nearly six week providing Washington and his troops time to arrive safely at Valley Forge and frustrated British naval attempts to re-supply their occupying forces in Philadelphia. This battle escalated into the greatest bombardment of the American Revolution and one that many say changed the course of American history.

Updates and Notes of Interest

Philadelphia has dozens of haunted locations, but none may be as famous or as popular as Fort Mifflin. The stories and legends surrounding Fort Mifflin are so popular that they even attracted the attention of the folks at T.A.P.S, the group behind the Sci-Fi Channel show “Ghost Hunters”. Those who have visited Fort Mifflin have claimed to had odd experiences with their electrical equipment, including flashlights turning on and off, and brand new batteries dying unexpectedly. Others have noticed windows and doors opening on their own. The city, however, holds an annual ceremony where the Fort Mifflin Distinguished Citizen Award that is a who’s-who of Philadelphia politics from both sides of the aisle.


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Fort mifflin

Fort Mifflin

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