Harry's Occult Shop

Background and History

Harry’s Occult Shop was started by Harry Seligman in 1917. He was a registered pharmacist and the business started as supplier for the local minor talent and wizarding community as well as the “wanna-be” folks. Most of his clients where folks who found it easier to pay for Harry’s talent for finding, gathering and purifying occult powders and oils rather than gather some of the components themselves. Soon he was making the powders and spiritual products for folks beyond the city limits and even designing his own labels. Only the best ingredients were used because he strived for perfection. He also enjoyed advising his customers about their problems and his motto of “We Aim to Help: Light a Torch for the Good and Cross Swords Against Evil” remains the store’s motto to this day.

In 1945, Harry’s son, Jim Seligman took over the shop. He proved to be an even better business man than his dad (and an actual wizard to boot whereas his dad had never been more than a minor talent) and the store became even more successful. Jim recently became semi-retired and the shop is now run by his daughter Marcia Seligman-Finnegan. Marcia started working as manager of Harry’s under her father and quickly became the everyday face of the store (she has never shown more than a minor talent) as Jim became more involved in other matters. The store continues to help people make positive changes in their lives through White Magic, and coaching.

Updates and Notes of Interest

The facility’s current proprietors, Jim and Marcia, are indeed huge believers in being involved in and helping the supernatural community. So it was only natural for Marcia to quickly jump on the opportunity to become the main outpost for the Para-Net in Philadelphia along with her best friend, Diane McGillin (owner of McGillin’s). Harry’s only hires store help who are true talents themselves and are thus able to truly “help” those in need of direction or guidance. Jim’s recent semi-retirement is because of the recent War and Maria knows about her father’s involvement in helping with the War but no details as he prefers it that way. She frequently sees wizards of significant power coming into the store before they go into the back office to speak with her father.


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Para-net outpost for the city.


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Harry's Occult Shop

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