Laurel Hill Cemetery

Background and History

Laurel Hill Cemetery, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is the second major garden or rural cemetery in the United States. It was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1998, one of only a few cemeteries to receive the distinction. Laurel Hill is located in the North section of Philadelphia, comprising an estimated 78-acre tract of land that is divided into three sections—the North, Central and South portions of the Cemetery – a three-tiered circulation system with the main carriage loop, secondary roads, and paths all converging near the center. A Doric Roman Gatehouse, a superintendent’s house and a chapel were also added to the design. Numerous prominent people are buried at the Cemetery, Names such as Rittenhouse, Widener, Elkins and Strawbridge. However several national figures also rest here such as General Meade, Continental Congress secretary Charles Thomson, Declaration of Independence signer Thomas McKean, along with thirty-nine other Civil War-era generals and six Titanic passengers. Obelisks dot the rolling terrain, which is highlighted by elaborately sculpted hillside tombs and mausoleums. Overall, Laurel Hill contains more than 33,000 monuments and more than 11,000 family lots.

Updates and Notes of Interest

Professional ghost hunters, Free Spirit Paranormal Investigators, have conducted numerous investigations of historic Laurel Hill Cemetery in search of the site’s haunted history. FSPI holds regular “workshops” here, as they reveal the findings of their prior investigations and discuss some of the basics in the field of ghost hunting. Participants are then given the opportunity to experiment firsthand with ghost hunting equipment, while joining FSPI team leaders on group investigations of some of the cemetery’s most reportedly active sections. Harmless fun or not such a good idea?


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Laurel Hill Cemetery

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