McGillin's Olde Ale House

Background and History

McGillin’s Olde Ale House is Accorded Neutral Ground in Philadelphia. McGillin’s Olde Ale House threw open its doors the year Lincoln was elected president. That’s shortly after the Liberty Bell cracked and long before ground was broken for Philadelphia City Hall…and that was about the same time the McGillin family (then under Patrick McGillin, a “retired” wizard) worked to have it declared accorded neutral . The beer taps have been flowing since 1860 — making it the oldest continuously operating tavern in Philadelphia. It has outlasted the Civil War and Prohibition as it was passed through generations of the McGillin family. The current proprietor is Diane McGillin.

What’s the secret? Well, McGillin’s has become just like the fictional “Cheers” for the local supernatural community and the general public as well. The Pub is divided into five equal and yet semi-separated rooms situated in a roughly circular similar to a pentacle (of course this isn’t really easy to notice to the average person walking into the place) with the bar in the center. The front three sections are for the general public while the remaining two sections divided between two rooms where only known members of the supernatural community are allowed to enter. Should any unknown persons ask for entry, they are casually told there is a private gathering in the banquet rooms. The Pub is even occasionally hosts small gatherings of supernatural groups or parties. Diane employs three college students who are also young minor talents.

Updates and Notes of Interest

The facility’s proprietor, Diane McGillin, is well known throughout the local supernatural community as a minor talent of above average power (who could possibly make the leap to wizard if she bothered to apply herself), an avid supporter of the Para-net and a Super-fan of Para-net’s “god-father” Harry Dresden. If the Warden from Chicago ever comes up in conversation, she quickly turns into something reminiscent of a teenage girl talking about Justin Bieber. She even has picture of him blown up in her tiny office just behind the bar and life-sized cut-out of the wizard in the doorway to the rear section of the Pub. Apparently she briefly met him during a visit to Chicago and has never stopped going on about him much to the dismay of the local warden, Wilhelm Metzger. There are plaques over doorway leading into the two back rooms dubbing them “The Dresden Room” and the “The Mouse Room”.


Speak-easy for the supernatural with a side for the public.


Accorded Neutral Ground.


Diane McGillin

Mc gilians pub

McGillin's Olde Ale House

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